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    1/24/09  Gallery One: ANNA & TESSA      
Anna gets convinced to don a few 'training aids',
which finally help Tessa nab a wrestling victory or three.

Gallery Two: TAYLOR
The premise of this one is a bit of a stretch...

- Photo & Video -

    1/18/09  Gallery One: LEX      
A hottie, tiny newbie whose nervous habit is
asking random questions. Be ready to laugh
at this escape attempt.

Gallery Two: SAHARA
Meanwhile, cuffed and isolated, Sahara has only
the camera to talk to. Watch the bondage win.

- Photo & Video -

This newbie relaxes right away in her pantyhose bondage...
go see the CP update, too.

    1/11/09  Gallery One: PIPER & LINDSEY      
Piper and her little bra-stealing sister
were a youtube sensation, until they kicked us off. :)
Now they're here.

Gallery Two: ANNA
So much fun to get to Anna.
Helpless in the dark, while we film Julie.

- Photo & Video -

    1/4/09  Gallery One: ANNA & JULIE      
Anna falls under the category of veterans-that-are-fun-to-mess-with, and Julie (catsuit) is only too happy to be in cahoots with the weirdo bondage producer she just met.

Gallery Two: REI
Rei needs a hug. What she gets is a hog-tie sentence.

- Photo & Video -

    12/28/08  Gallery One: LEILA & CLAIRE      
Leila's been around long enough she should
know one of the tenets of the industry:
for the love of god, if Claire Adams is your roommate,

Gallery Two: AMAYA
Amaya, locked in, finds a way to pass
the time. Full participation, please.

- Photo & Video -

    12/21/08  Gallery One: LIZ & CHARLIE      
Liz is ready--she runs her own scene, and wow.
Unfortunately, using MY computer as a prop.

Gallery Two: ISOBEL
Isobel pushes her self-bondage act over the edge, and pays...

- Photo & Video -

    12/06/08  Gallery One: SUGAR      
While Sugar is shown the wonders of restraints she's never seen...

Gallery Two: GINA
Gina uses everything at hand... her teeth,
her princibles... to get back to where it's warm.

- Photo & Video -

    12/06/08  Gallery One: TAYLOR      
Never really got on board with the whole
making-a-model-wear-a-Hooter's-outfit thing.
Rather take the Hooter's girl and make her wear
something else... this is a helluva scene.

Gallery Two: PIPER
Next week she's coming in to do my taxes, too.
I suspect that's when she's planning the takeover.
Seriously. That's when I would do it...

- Photo & Video -

    11/29/08  Gallery One: PAYTON      
I used to say it kiddingly, but doing
this site has convinced me: it's the nice ones.
You have to beware of the nice ones. :)

Gallery Two: PIPER & SCARLET
Initially, Piper makes you wish you were in
Scarlet's shoes. By the end, you're glad to just watch.

- Photo & Video -

    11/22/08  Gallery One: JULIE      
An older Rei video shows a self-bondage tutorial. A newer
Julie video uses it for the purposes of (put your pinky on your lip, please) ...evil.

Gallery Two: SINEAD
Something is afoot with this domme.
Foot worship is about to get giggly.

- Photo & Video -

    11/15/08  Gallery One: AMAYA & CHARLI      
It's just plain wonderful how wrong this scene is. It's wrong that we did it;
it's wrong that they enjoyed it; you're wrong for watching it. Don't miss.

Gallery Two: CLAIRE
The establishing first scene from her second visit.
The ball gets rolling again. Oh god.

- Photo & Video -

    11/9/08  Gallery One: GINA      
Gina's aesthetic: she likes feeling put down, taking orders.
When this one ends, her head is spinning.

Gallery Two: CHARLI
Charli's turned into a puddle of chained up catsuit.

- Photo & Video -

    11/2/08  Gallery One: Piper & Lindsey      
Piper brings 'em in as a thinly veiled excuse
for getting to misuse her own friends and see
their reacton to weird restraints. Today it's Lindsey's turn.

Gallery Two: Addie
A for-real isolation possibility that has Addie begging.

- Photo & Video -

    10/26/08  Gallery One: ANNA      
A touching scene, in which Anna just doesn't understand.

Gallery Two: SAHARA & LEX
These two were so unbelievably bad, we had to get a little creative...

- Photo & Video -

    10/19/08  Gallery One: KALI      
Newbie. This little one's experiments end up being a consequence.

Gallery Two: WENONA
A stressed and buzzed athlete.

- Photo & Video -

    10/12/08  Gallery One: CLAIRE      
Claire's just like the stock market lately: with her around,
you know something's going to go down.

Gallery Two: PAYTON
Like, fresh from being a Baywatch extra
to playing fucked-up bondage games here...

- Photo & Video -

    10/4/08  Gallery One: SAHARA & TRINITY      
Sahara will make you wish you were Trinity
and glad that you're not Trinity at the same time...

Gallery Two: REI
A gullible saran-wrapped barista...

- Photo & Video -

    9/28/08  Gallery One: PARIS      
My roommate has trouble communicating her point--
something about how many restraints she's wearing.

Gallery Two: ARAFEL
In this documentary style scene, a catty
Arafel is in for extended bondage and buzzed
at intervals. An unforgettable return...

- Photo & Video -

    9/21/08  Gallery One: KIM      
Our escapist makes short work of handcuffs.
The ropes last about 8 seconds.
Let's see what our special straitjacket
can do. A classic piece of video.

Gallery Two: LIZ
She endures her own turn, absorbing
information like a sponge. She learns restraint.

- Photo & Video -

    9/14/08  Gallery One: ZOE      
A simultaneous scene. Zoe, with a trick
or two up her sleeve, gets an occassional check-in
as she tries to execute her escape attempt.

Gallery Two: BROOKLYN
Meanwhile, with a very distracted Brooklyn,
her first session is a meaningful one.

- Photo & Video -

    9/7/08  Gallery One: ERICA      
This lovely is signed, sealed, extended.

Gallery Two: AMAYA
My roommate wakes up to a predicament...

- Photo & Video -

    8/30/08  Gallery One: CLAIRE      
Veronica, about to be led down to basement for an extended stay,
while Piper... well, you'll just have to come in and see what this
catty, conniving girl is up to now.

A swimgirl too shy to say no...

- Photo & Video -

    8/24/08  Gallery One: ANNA      
Anna hates our unorthodox enforcement
method--using time-delay bondage.

Gallery Two: LINDSEY
A how-to-keep-a-boy tutorial.

- Photo & Video -

    8/17/08  Gallery One: PINKY      
Pinky's private video presentation for her
boyfriend gets a little too creative.

Gallery Two: CHARLI
A first for Charli, she's led off to prison for
awhile... laughing, cursing, vibrating.

- Photo & Video -

Plus, Arafel and Charlie has an escapathon at

    8/10/08  Gallery One: KELLY      
Sahara thinks she's tricking newbie Kelly
with an escape scene that isn't escapable...

Gallery Two: SAHARA
Instead of finishing the scene with Kelly,
she gets stuck in the bed she was "training" on
in the other room.

This marathon reality-style bondage scene
is an instant QC classic.

- Photo & Video -

    8/3/08  Gallery One: TRINITY      
An innocent girl tricked into a bondage session.

Gallery Two: DAISY
Daisy visits the tie-up house.

- Photo & Video -

    7/27/08  Gallery One: KIM      
Holy %&*@) #&*&@, #$*&^. Don't miss this video.

Gallery Two: REI
Rei and I make a studio tour and self-bondage tutorial.
A future newbie will be sent this video and use it to
chain herself up--before we ever meet.

- Photo & Video -

    7/20/08  Gallery One: CLAIRE      
Claire accuses me of getting revenge with this one...

Gallery Two: CADENCE & PIPER
Um, Jessie Spano as a bondage model?
Whoever she is, she's screwed...

I think the site has really helped Piper get in touch
with her inner hell-bitch. Heartwarming.
Don't be surprised if she owns the site soon.

- Photo & Video -

    7/13/08  Gallery One: WENONA      
Wenona's verbal response to tickling sounds like a scene from Deliverance. This time, her challenge is to stay mute. Poor girl.

Gallery Two: ZOE & BROOKLYN
Zoe brings help. These two friends are vicious and loving at the same time. A self-bondage contest with a prize that's unforgettable.

- Photo & Video -

    7/6/08  Gallery One: GINA      
This one's amazing. Newbie finds this position very wierd, even as it gets her worked up.

Gallery Two: SINEAD
Usually, cravat restraint and a string toe-tie doesn't make someone so giggly...

- Photo & Video -

    6/29/08  Gallery One: PINKY      
Pinky learns how to deal with a whiney subject, by being in the position herself.

Gallery Two: JADE
Multiple tight wrappings. We make a worm out of Jade.

- Photo & Video -

    6/22/08  Gallery One: LIZ & CHARLIE      
Liz' first live training. And I
have her try to handle Charlie?

Gallery Two: CLAIRE
Claire does a humiliation scene,
superlatively. I'd venture to say
there's nothing else like this on the internet.

- Photo & Video -

    6/15/08  Gallery One: CHARLI      
Everything here is for real. These two really are sisters. They really did the same scene, without knowing that I was doing that. They did not know what was going to happen to them until they were already restrained.

On your left is the talkative version with the 18 y/o sister who goes out all the time.

Gallery Two: LINDSEY
On your right, the good one, who works three jobs, would never ordinarily do a bondage site, but...

- Photo & Video -

    6/8/08  Gallery One: ERICA      
First, she's paralyzed. We put her limp form safely
into restraints, then turn her on...

Gallery Two: REI
If she's feeling like hurting herself, her doctors
instructed her to use the chair as a way to relax.
Of course, everything locks.

- Photo & Video -

    6/1/08  Gallery One: SAHARA      
A super fun new way to deal with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Gallery Two: CHERISE
An intense scene. She wants out after about 30 seconds,
but she toughs it out... 'cause no one lets her go.

- Photo & Video -

    5/24/08  Gallery One: ANNA      
Anna gets lost in a trial punishment,
anonymous, immobile, and brainwashed...

Gallery Two: PIPER
Piper agrees to be closed up in a Scavengers Daughter,
locked in a cold and dark room beyond earshot of another human.
Shown in real time.

- Photo & Video -

Over at, 18y/o newbie Charli is something to see.

    5/18/08  Gallery One: KIM      
In Kim's first set, a line is walked beautifully,
as you'll see an experienced model genuinely start
to wonder where the guy who chained her up just went...

Gallery Two: ZOE
Zoe. Stranded. Iced. A scene you don't want to miss.

- Photo & Video -

    5/10/08  Gallery One: LIZ      
A newbie-in-training. The best way to understand
what its like to tie up a boy for hours is to be
tied up for hours herself. She doesn't like it.

Gallery Two: ANN
Possibly the only thing in the world more annoying
and entitled than her, is her brother...

- Photo & Video -

    5/03/08  Gallery One: CLAIRE      
Every once in a while a real moment happens during a scene.
I requested to Claire that, once she was immobilized,
she take charge. This is what she came up with...

Gallery Two: CARMEN
Petulant Carmen has a thing for acting immature.

- Photo & Video -

    4/27/08  Gallery One: REI & CLEO      
Rei is one of those models who has a major reaction to being tickled. Cleo's about to see how mean she can be.

Gallery Two: DAISY
Once she's ball-shackled, she learns where the keys are and what she has to do. This newbies reactions alone are worth the price of admission.

- Photo & Video -

    4/20/08  Gallery One: SINEAD      
A giggly game of key hide-and-seek on a rainy afternoon.

Gallery Two: SAHARA
Poor Sahara has to spend every night this week in overnight
restraint. But she's got... a plan.

- Photo & Video -

    4/13/08  Gallery One: VERONICA      
Institutional and overnight restraint
protocol for wayward girls.

Gallery Two: JADE
She learns an extended bed-tie so she can tie you up
later in the same position. Entertaining as hell.

- Photo & Video -

    4/6/08  Gallery One: PIPER      
After years of being a complete gentleman,
I've finally bagged a model...

Gallery Two: LEX
Real-time isolation/frustration footage with an
ADORABLE newbie who's wondering what she's gotten into...

- Photo & Video -

    3/30/08  Gallery One: ANNA      
Intricate self-bondage/discovery at it's best. Ever.

Gallery Two: BILLIE
It's like getting to mummify Courtney Cox...

- Photo & Video -

    3/23/08  Gallery One: VERA & ELL      
Vera's got a mean streak that we're happy to help her explore. Either that, or her friend wronged her in some way.

This is a catfight you don't want to miss.

- Photo & Video -

    3/16/08  Gallery One: GWEN      
You want to get into a sorority bad enough,
you're ripe for a prank by a rival house. Gwen goes off in this one, she's brilliant.

Gallery Two: ISOBEL
An ideal tickle position. Stand between the bars, lean back just a bit,
tie her toes tight to the bar, and no fuss whatsoever...

- Photo & Video -

    3/9/08  Gallery One: SINEAD      
Our adorable bondage newbie endures a
difficult isolation session.

Gallery Two: KIM
Left alone with the
scavenger's daughter.

- Photo & Video -

    3/2/08  Gallery One: ERICA      
This entitled girl has to deal with an endurance restraint with her legs way spread,
then the vibrator kicks in...

Gallery Two: REI
Um, what's the funnel trick? Well, you leave the girl in isolation, blinded,
vibrated and with ice dripping down on strategic areas, and
she's all thinking, "that's everything, right?"
And then there's this funnel full of water,
hovering above her and she has no idea...

- Photo & Video -

    2/24/08  Gallery One: VERONICA      
Our 18 y/o was very rude. Just see if she chooses to make fun of armless people again. Just see if she does...

Gallery Two: ZOE
What do we spring on Zoe this time? She's our isolated prisoner, outside the confines of the studio.

- Photo & Video -

    2/17/08  Gallery One: CHARLIE      
Come in and see what Charlie pulls off THIS time.

Gallery Two: CARMEN
Ingredients: ONE newbie who thinks 'bondage' means a few
simple ropes, ONE segufix restraint system, and ONE agreement
for an extended session. Let simmer...

- Photo & Video -

    2/10/08  Gallery One: MEI      
A beautiful straitjacket worm, left to find escape if she can.

Gallery Two: PIPER
Beauty of a newbie. Would prefer not to show her chest, so we give her a challenge...

- Photo & Video -

    2/3/08  Gallery One: ASTRID      
A mummified domme, vibrator wearing away at her
in this beautiful, awesome session...

Gallery Two: ANNA
Real, extended bondage is more than this model is used to...

- Photo & Video -

    1/27/08  Gallery One: BELLA      
Messing with a restrained Bella
is like poking a tiger in a cage...

This session makes me speechless,
so just check out our new preview vid...

- Photo & Video -

    1/20/08  Gallery One: JADE      
Whoa. Don't let her girl-next-door looks fool you...
Turns out our newbie is wayyyy into this stuff.

Gallery Two: PINKY
Been watching too much Hitchcock around here...

- Photo & Video -

    1/13/08  Gallery One: MEI      
Blindfolded and thoroughly gagged, Mei wakes up to an intense surprise.

Gallery Two: JILL
A game of trust for this would-be personal assistant. One of the more memorable interviews you'll ever see.

- Photo & Video -

    1/6/08  Gallery One: ELL & VERA      
Wow. Locked up and goo-gagged.

Gallery Two: ZOE
An unbelievable session with our all-star.
Great switch escapology play.

- Photo & Video -

    12/30/07  Gallery One: WENONA      
This uncontrollable institute girl won't try running away anytime soon...

Gallery Two: CHARLIE
Our first guest-scripted video, as inspired by a story contest at Intimate and unforgettable self-bondage with Charlie. This one's a must-see...

- Photo & Video -

    12/23/07  Gallery One: ISOBEL      
Innocent Isobel gets into a self-bondage contest...
and wins, hands down...

Gallery Two: TAMARA
An escapist practicing her routine over and over.
one last run-through before the show tomorrow...

- Photo & Video -

    12/16/07  Gallery One: CLAIRE      
In our first update this week --start playing the music from the Halloween movies in your head-- Claire has some new ideas about how the site should go...

Gallery Two: BILLIE
She's been coached, we run a walkthrough, and now she's alone in the studio on camera, no one within shouting distance, chaining herself up. Helluva thing.

- Photo & Video -

    12/9/07  Gallery One: ERICA      
Meet QC's new BFF. A talented girl
who does private domme, sub, and escapism
shows. Our first set together is a wonder...

Gallery Two: PINKY
She's so adept at working here, it hurts to watch...
(yeah, that's a tape-tuxedo on the mummification...
sorry, couldn't resist.)

- Photo & Video -

    12/2/07  Gallery One: CHARLIE      
Charlie's wonderfully insane
can't-handle-the-day-anymore self-bondage...

Gallery Two: ANNA
What kind of student/teacher conference ends like this?
A good one.

- Photo & Video -

    11/25/07  Gallery One: CLEO      
Helpless and encased, a vibrator sits in the
perfect spot, wearing away at the poor girl.

Gallery Two: JILL
No tricks or pretend--one of our sexiest extended
sessions ever. Jill is genuinely and beautifully pushed.

- Photo & Video -

    11/18/07  Gallery One: VERONICA      
She emailed me with what seemed genuine interest
on her 18th birthday. This moving scene was shot one week later.

Gallery Two: BELLA
Taking advantage of arrest 'practice'. Mmmm....

- Photo & Video -

    11/11/07  Gallery One: ANN      
Ann requests this position
in a classified ad...

Gallery Two: GWEN
A trusting dancer endures some odd exercises.

- Photo & Video -

No gimmicks: see our photos &
high-quality videos only $17.95

    11/4/07  Gallery One: CLAIRE      
Elaborate, amazing, vibrated self-bondage
with a twist that gets an eyebrow raise, even from Claire...

Gallery Two: MEI
One of our more endearing hooded/gagged interviews
plus the usual dillemmas. :)

- Photo & Video -

    10/27/07  Gallery One: VIOLET      
Watch her eyes when I ask her to test her bonds,
and she starts to realize what her night will be like...

Gallery Two: ZOE
Reality TV meets bondage video.
QC goes to the movies. Zoe will have you
laughing and doing lewd things at the same time.

- Photo & Video -

    10/20/07  Gallery One: CLEO      
A confident girl gets caught in
chains that strangles if you struggle.

Gallery Two: LACIE
Learn how to convince a hot girl to get
mummified in your very own home...

- Photo & Video -

    10/13/07  Gallery One: ANNA      
All her powers rendered useless at the institute.
Don't worry, the full restraint process is well documented.

Gallery Two: BILLIE
Young grasshoppah has much to learn, yet...

- Photo & Video -

    10/6/07  Gallery One: BELLA      
An institutional theme that, um, well,
hits Bella close to home...

Gallery Two: PINKY
Pinky really has a knack for mess-with-your-head
self-bondage themes, and likes to be pushed.
Good to work with kindred spirits. :)

- Photo & Video -

    9/30/07  Gallery One: CLAIRE      
Claire runs into the buzzsaw of genius that is Quality Control.
Or that was the idea. First in a serious, 10-part contest of wills for the ages.

Gallery Two: CHARLIE
If there were a twisted-mind contest between Claire and Charlie,
Charlie could hold her own--which is saying something. Come see
her amazing idea for a session come to life.

- Photo & Video -

And if THIS is not enough...
a ConversationPiece update that matches in talent.

    9/23/07  Gallery One: TAMARA      
Tricked into a special new office training...
in case there's ever a real hostage situation...
this one's so cute it hurts. :)

Gallery Two: CASSIE
She does this position completely by
herself, and we can prove it.
One of our best yet.

- Photo & Video -

    9/16/07  Gallery One: BETTIE      
How do you get the good girl into the
heaviest punishment restraint?
Easy, she models it...

Gallery Two: JILL
One of the best "first-time tied" scenes you'll see.
You see the whole process, from choosing
her model name, to her surreptitiously trying to escape.

- Photo & Video -

    9/9/07  Gallery One: VIOLET      
If she can't escape the SJ, she gets toe-tied.
As you can see... she gets toe-tied.

Gallery Two: MEI
With the prospect of a long chair-tie
session before her, she's offered conditional freedom...

- Photo & Video -

    9/2/07  Gallery One: LACIE      
This elegant institutional restraint
will hold Lacie down for good.

Gallery Two: GWEN
When a dancer seeks out help with
her posture discipline, QC steps in...

- Photo & Video -

    8/26/07  Gallery One: ZOE     
Zoe's been bad and we're all very, very grateful for that.
Come in and see one of the very best,
arguing her little heart out.

Gallery Two: REI
OMG, Rei, why do these things
keep happening to you...

- Photo & Video -

    8/19/07  Gallery One: LILITH     
Lil's never been a worm before, so we
give her plenty of time to appreciate it...

Gallery Two: NIKKI
Amazing: playing with unconsciousness...

- Photo & Video -

    8/12/07  Gallery One: PINKY      
Pinky's been a naughty, naughty girl...

A premeditated self-bondage competition
you'll have to see to believe.

- Photo & Video -

    8/5/07  Gallery One: ANN      
You'll fall in love with our photogenic,
kinky, cosplayin', young newbie...
but first, punishment for teasing too much.

Gallery Two: BILLIE
A hidden-camera hog-tie with
our resident 18y/o cutey.

- Photo & Video -

    7/29/07  Gallery One: MEI      
An infuriating day for Mei. Three
times this newbie breaks the rules,
and three times more restraints are added.

Gallery Two: BILLIE
Everybody wins when Billie gambles...

- Photo & Video -

    7/22/07  Gallery One: CHARLIE      
Click on the mummy to see what the sensory
deprived and vibrated girl looks like...

Gallery Two: GWEN
Why is Gwen surrounded in unyielding chains?
You won't want to miss this one...

- Photo & Video -

    7/15/07  Gallery One: CLEO      
Our resident brilliant submissive
struts her stuff...

Gallery Two: LACIE
Reverse psychology gets Lacie in big trouble...

- Photo & Video -

    7/8/07  Gallery One: VEGA      
One of the best and most effective gags EVER!
A flirty institutional overnight? Only Vega, only here...

Gallery Two: BETTIE
She loves to throw the ropes in his face
when she gets out. Will she be embarrassed this time?

- Photo & Video -

    7/1/07  Gallery One: TAMARA      
This addictive cutey is a big hit on our other site.
Now she's in a way-tight hogtie.

Gallery Two: PINKY
The best self-bondage footage ever. And no, we're not kidding...
Total, unedited footage of Pinky hooking herself in.

- Photo & Video -

    6/24/07  Gallery One: CASSIE      
Woken by someone finishing up her bondage, and then the vibrator...
That's one lucky futon.

Gallery Two: REI
MmmHmm... A delicious captured reluctant wrapee.

- Photo & Video -

    6/17/07  Gallery One: LILITH      
Pouting and frustrated, this little one
rests her wrists into the half-circles...

Gallery Two: JD
A sharp and beautiful criminal is furious about
being caught and stored. One of JD's best.

- Photo & Video -

    6/10/07  Gallery One: Charlie      
A detainee helplessly put into a
perverse amount of bondage...

Gallery Two: Billie
This young cutey likes that
you like watching her struggle...

- Photo & Video -

    6/3/07  Gallery One: Wenona      
As good an escape attempt as you'll see,
but there are simply too many layers...

Gallery Two: Leila
Leila. Well paid.
Chained to the bed until morning. Yep.

- Photo & Video -

    5/27/07  Gallery One: Zoe      
Through the door and tied up, before she even sees us.
No fakery--this amazing set is for real.

Gallery Two: Amy
Spread out and completely strapped into a restraint chair.
The perfect time to see if someone is ticklish.

- Photo & Video -

    5/13/07  Gallery One: Pinky      
Bondage games that are gonna cause some jealousy...

Gallery Two: Candy
A well-named model in a
scorching hot predicament...

- Photo & Video -

    5/20/07  Gallery One: Rei & Vera      
You've NEVER seen phone sex like this...
an amazing update, don't miss the video...

Gallery Two: Gwen
Amazing Gwen, one of the best bondage models of all time,
left alone in the studio for the duration of a movie.

- Photo & Video -

    5/6/07  Gallery One: Billie      
A challenging and heavy institutional punishment
scene for this adorable newbie.

Gallery Two: Jules
A kinky hog-tie and harness gag
escapist set...

- Photo & Video -

    4/28/07  Gallery One: Vega      
Our new bad-ass restraint chair...
and a poor, frozen model.

Gallery Two: Alexa
A horny and helpless little mummy...

- Photo & Video -

    4/22/07  Gallery One: Heather      
Heather agrees to some solitary time
while spread helpless on the bed...

Gallery Two: Cassie
Cassie in a wonderful candid sub session...

- Photo & Video -

    4/15/07  Gallery One: Lacie      
See her quivering in frustration,
immobilized on all fours...

Gallery Two: Lilith
A challenge session for the newbie...

- Photo & Video -

    4/8/07  Gallery One: JD      
JD outdoes herself, designs her own set, redefines the idea
of topping from the bottom,
she'll leave you panting.

Gallery Two: Marvel Girl!
Marvel Girl, caught in the
clutches of the... um... me.

- Photo & Video -

    4/1/07  Gallery One: Rei      
Our cute little barista accepts a bet that brings
the whole website a step further on the kink-meter...
locking catsuits, shiny jackets, and a nice surprise.

Gallery Two: Sierra
Sierra escape from handcuffs, no problem.
And now, for her next trick...
-Photo & Video-

    3/25/07  Gallery One: Raven      
So simple, so effective.
Raven laughs and agrees... :)

Gallery Two: Arafel & Zoe
Oh, my. Arafel should consider becoming a professional...
-Photo & Video-

    3/18/07  Gallery One: Gwen      
We have a new favorite on the site...
She stays pilloried for three hours or doesn't get paid.

Gallery Two: Sam
A double-your-money-if-you-escape
hog-tie challenge.
-Photo & Video-

    3/11/07  Gallery One: Rei & Vera      
I take a break during a long shoot. They don't.

Gallery Two: Charlie
Serious chair punishment.
Just another crazy-hot Charlie set. :)
-Photo & Video-

    3/4/07  Gallery One: Leila      
A compromising and frustrating
position for my new website assistant.

Gallery Two: Lacie
A breathless escapology set
with a very confident subject.
-Photo & Video-

    2/25/07  Gallery One: Cleo      
Movable, posable, latex Cleo.
Great for parties, or a quiet night in. :)

Gallery Two: Heather
Alone in the room, camera running,
chained in a hog-tie.
-Photo & Video-

    2/18/07  Gallery One: JD      
Wrapped tight, strung by toes and hair...
she's still the most dangerous thing in the room.

Gallery Two: Cassie
College girl turned fetish object...
my favorite storyline. :)
-Photo & Video-

    2/11/07  Gallery One: Wenona      
Wenona, immobile at every major joint,
doing some time...

Gallery Two: Crystal & Gina
Cuties in storage.
I think they thought I forgot about them...
-Photo & Video-

    2/4/07  Gallery One: Arafel & Zoe      
Hot college girls endure tight, rigid bed ties.
They can't go anywhere...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Dresden
Left drooling, hooded and jacketed,
it's hard not to feel a little crazy...
-Photo & Video-

    1/28/07  Gallery One: Jules      
She tries to hide it, but she gets really frustrated with this escape attempt.
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Candy
See the latest newbie stuck in so much saran wrap,
she doesn't know what to do... :)
-Photo & Video-

    1/21/07  Gallery One: Sierra      
What you can't see in the pic is that her voice is just as adorable as the rest. A three hour bondage contract...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Cleo
True self-bondage, with the camera left on. A kinky update week, even for us. :)
-Photo & Video-

    1/14/07  Gallery One: Aimee      
Watch her get lost. Another superlative scene with
one of the sexiest girls in the business...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Kat
Shy, and in a helpless position.
-Photo & Video-

    1/7/07  Gallery One: Lacie      
All dressed up and nowhere to crabwalk...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Leila
You have the most popular girl in school in a mummy wrap.
-Photo & Video-

    12/31/06  Gallery One: Jai Dee      
Left alone with the camera running...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Vera
Contracted for two hours.
-Photo & Video-

    12/24/06  Gallery One: Kerri      
Here's hoping there's viagra in your stocking...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Charlie
Charlie, spread out, panting, and daring you... OMG.
-Photo & Video-

    12/17/06  Gallery One: Jeda      
If only detention really was like this ...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Corrina
Ball-tied so she can't hurt herself...
-Photo & Video-

    12/10/06  Gallery One: Jules      
Our newbie learns something about restriction...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Stella
A tough mummy session for Stella...
-Photo & Video-

    12/3/06  Gallery One: Arafel      
My house's new, reluctant, toy...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Vivian
Vivian knows how to escape anything...
I'm not kidding.
-Photo & Video-

     11/26/06  Gallery One: Wenona     
One of my favorite models, straitjacketed
and thoroughly tied in studio...

-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Leila
a great candid video set...
-Photo & Video-

     11/19/06  Gallery One: Aimee     
Our expert bondagette begins a complex escape...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Kat
a posable bondage hog-tie toy...
-Photo & Video-

     11/11/06  Gallery One: Jeda     
Her braces are strung together...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Cleo
A bad girl in very kinky chair punishment...
-Photo & Video-

     11/5/06  Gallery One: Dresden     
She agrees to be a test subject...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Charlie
A GREAT bondage tutorial...
-Photo & Video-

     10/29/06  Gallery One: Vera     
Get to know Vera.
She likes spending time in chains...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Lacie
Stuck in a hogtie for one hour,
no matter what...
-Photo & Video-

10/22/06  Gallery One: Natasha
A would-be escape artist's assistant...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Leila
Our beautiful, pristine mummy...
-Photo & Video-

10/15/06  Gallery One: Arafel
Arafel's dangerous, she gets the metal clamps...
-Photo & Video-

Gallery Two: Kerri
If a girl asks to be ball-tied...
-Photo & Video-

10/8/06  Gallery One: Evilyn
The only thing better than being hog-tied
is having you hog-tied...

Gallery Two: Jax
Cheaters never prosper...

New Video: Kat, Charlie, Vega, Vivian, Jessica.

9/30/06  Gallery One: Aimee
Some girls, you tie down for their own safety...

Gallery Two: Corrina
A great new individualized sauna treatment...

New Video: Hours upons hours of video that will make you laugh and cry and touch yourself... possibly at the same time. This week's new clips include Kat, Cleo, Lily, Lacie, Corrina, Jax, Lani.

9/24/06  Gallery One: Jessica
a stunning package...

Gallery Two: Vivian
Our domme gets the QC treatment...

New Video: Crystal & Gina, Jax, Corrina, Lily, Lani, Lacie.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

9/17/06  Gallery One: Vega
Ready for the institution...

Gallery Two: Kat
An extended session with our newest beauty...

New Video: Aimee, Crystal & Gina, Stella, Dresden, Jax, Corrina.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

9/10/06  Gallery One: Cleo
Mummification for Ms. Popularity...

Gallery Two: Charlie
After being away from the site for years...

New Video: Aimee, Crystal & Gina, Stella, Dresden, and Jax.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

9/3/06  Gallery One: Lacie
An innocent straitjacket challenge...

Gallery Two: Lily
An entended bondage session.

New Video: Aimee, Octavia, Emilia, Crystal, Gina, Jeda, Stella. ANOTHER generous new batch.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

8/26/06  Gallery One: Lani
Her knight in shining armor is late...

Gallery Two: Corrina
Latex-mitten self-bondage. That's talent.

New Video: Aimee, Octavia, Emilia, Crystal, Gina, Jeda, Stella. A generous new batch. Check out our archived videos HERE.

8/20/06  Gallery One: Jax
Maybe Jax's best set ever...

Gallery Two: Dresden
She gets out without struggling at all...

New Video: 4 new clips this week.
This is one of the best months for new releases ever...

Check out our archived videos HERE.

8/13/06  Gallery One: Crystal & Gina
Welcome newbie Gina and Crystal, heavily restrained...

Gallery Two: Aimee
Aimee learns how to tie you up...

New Video: Octavia and Emilia, Leila, Stella, Jeda.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

8/5/06  Gallery One: Jeda
This newbie steams at her predicament...

Gallery Two: Stella
Stella finds some peace and quiet...

New Video: Octavia and Emilia, Leila, Rei, Vivian.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

7/30/06  Gallery One: Leila
This newbie is something special...

Gallery Two: Octavia & Emilia
Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed...

New Video: Raven, Olivia, Vyolet, Vera, Vivian.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

7/23/06  Gallery One: Vivian
A NYC pro comes in for a visit...

Gallery Two: Rei
The catsuit's made of special material, so it doesn't melt...

New Video: Lani, Raven, Olivia, Vyolet, Vera.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

7/16/06  Gallery One: Jessica
Jessica loves being a helpless mummy...

Gallery Two: Vera
a gorgeous newbie in detention...

New Video: Lani, Jessica, Raven, Olivia, Vyolet.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

7/9/06  Gallery One: Raven
pretty in pink...

Gallery Two: Olivia & Vyolet
these adorable girls match wits against QC...

New Video: Aimee, Kerry, Violetta, Lani.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

7/1/06  Gallery One: Lani
whiny girls don't get let out any earlier...

Gallery Two: Elizabeth
leather as far as the fingers can reach...

New Video: Aimee, Jax, Kerry, Violetta, Elizabeth.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

6/25/06 Gallery One: Kerry & Violetta
the best way to store bad girls...

Gallery Two: Corrina
We're thorough. Even her fingers are taped...

New Video: An all-start trio including Aimee, Rei, and Jax.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

6/18/06 Gallery One: Jax
'therapuetic' bondage...

Gallery Two: Mazie
a session in the restraint chair...

New Video: Aimee, Rei, Lily.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

6/11/06 Gallery One: Aimee
College girl in an exotic escape attempt.

Gallery Two: Crystal
she's never been helpless before...

New Video: A great release week with Stella, Rei, Lily, Vega.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

6/4/06 Gallery One: Vega
The duct tape won.

Gallery Two: Rei
completely defenseless...

New Video: Niko, Vyolet, Mia, Cleo, Stella.

Check out our archived videos HERE.


5/28/06 Gallery One: Stella
One of Stella's most amazing sessions ever.

Gallery Two: Lily
A very cute, shy newbie terribly bound up...

New Video: Niko, Vyolet, Mia, Cleo.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

5/21/06 Gallery One: Mia
Red hot mummification.

Gallery Two: Vyolet
An innocent girl stuck in pillories and spreaders...

New Video: Dresden, Aimee, Natasha, Cleo.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

5/14/06 Gallery One: Niko
Total immobilization on this poor girl.

Gallery Two: Cleo
Sensory Depravation with sexy Cleo..

New Video: Kerri, Dresden, Aimee, Elizabeth.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

5/7/06 Gallery One: Elizabeth
Newbie experiences real frustration.

Gallery Two: Natasha
troublemaker in a catsuit and chair-tie...

New Video: Stella, Kerri, Dresden.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

4/30/06 Gallery One: Corrina
A compromising situation for this shy girl.

Gallery Two: Kerri
You can't change your mind, once you're hog-tied...

New Video: Vega & Vyolet, Octavia, Cleo, Stella.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

4/23/06 Gallery One: Dresden
More than just a bad girl punished...

Gallery Two: Aimee
Aimee's first-ever bondage session.

New Video: A great week including Cleo, Vega & Vyolet, Jax, Octavia.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

4/16/06 Gallery One: Stella
A girl's request...

Gallery Two: Jax
An intense and wonderful mummification session.

New Video: A great week inclusding Rei, Cleo, Vega & Vyolet, and Claudia.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

4/9/06 Gallery One: Vega & Vyolet
a bondage tutorial gone terribly awry...

Gallery Two: Octavia
Some great video with this college girl's
awesome catsuit hogtie session.

New Video: Eva, Dresden, Claudia, Niko, Juliet.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

4/2/06   Gallery One: Cleo
an eclectic punishment for this bad girl...

Gallery Two: Rei
Rei, feeling beautiful and helpless.

New Video: Sisters, hog-ties, chair immobilizations, some of the best bondage video ever is right inside.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

3/26/06   Gallery One: Claudia
beautiful, muscular, and in total bondage...

Gallery Two: Eva
A mummy at the hands of Dresden.

New Video: The tables are turned on Stella, mummies, pillories, and Niko's first tie.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

3/19/06   Gallery One: Juliet
College students in bondage are the best...

Gallery Two: Niko
Our newest girl doesn't know
what to make of her chair-tie.

New Video: Sisters (really) bed-tied, mummies, institutional bondage, escape attempts.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

3/12/06   Gallery One: Corrina
Trying out our new restraint chair, with great success!

Gallery Two: Natasha
A tight saran wrap mummification.

New Video: We're very nice people here--five new clips this week, hours of quality viewing inside.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

3/5/06   Gallery One: Stella & Electra
sisters tied side by side for an entended session...

Gallery Two: Vyolet
this lovely model gets into her bondage...

New Video: Five great clips, hours of viewing inside...

Check out our archived videos HERE.

2/26/06   Gallery One: Mazie
is deemed harmful to herself and others...

Gallery Two: Rei
A fantastic, intense mummification set...

New Video: Claudia, Corrina, Mia, Kerri...

Check out our archived videos HERE.

2/19/06   Gallery One: Kerri
When beautiful girls are rendered immobile and anonymous...

Gallery Two: Mia
The idea of more money if she gets out provides great motivation.

New Video: Superb update week for video. Lilly's great catsuit set, Dresden bedded down, Electra, Stella, Claudia, Corrina--the clip releases this week reads like an all-star list.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

2/12/06   Gallery One: Corrina
Nothing but contempt for her captor...

Gallery Two: Rachel & Octavia
Rachel lures innocent Octavia in for a bondage session...

New Video: Lilly, Dresden, Electra & sister, Claudia...

Check out our archived videos HERE.

2/5/06   Gallery One: Claudia
She's in for hours...

Gallery Two: Lilly
Remember high school and those disciplinary catsuit bondage detention sessions? *Sigh*...

New Video: Lilly & Olivia & Dresden & Electra & Electra's sister...

Check out our archived videos HERE.

1/22/06   Gallery One: Dresden
A fantastic extended session from her first day of shooting...

Gallery Two: Electra
The mummified Electra gets a surprise visit from her sister (no joke!), who enjoys a great taunting session...

New Video: ANOTHER generous four-clip update, there are hours of amazing video in member's area...

Check out our archived videos HERE.

1/15/06   Gallery One: Jessica
A vet-wrap hog-tie holds up to any struggling...

Gallery Two: Cleo
Octavia tries her hand as guest photographer
as Cleo tries to move anything...

New Video: A generous four-clip update...

Check out our archived videos HERE.

1/8/06   Gallery One: Stella
Finds herself screwed in...

Gallery Two: Ally
A pair of immobilizing restraint sessions...
all she can do is flip you off.

New Video: Rachel, Corrina, Juliet, Kerri...

Check out our archived videos HERE.

1/1/06   Gallery One: Rei & Vyolet
Rei's first bondage session...

Gallery Two: Rachel
loses a bet...

New Video: A generous update with four great new clips...

Check out our archived videos HERE.

10/30/05   Gallery One: Juliet and Friends
Juliet brings moral support to her first bondage shoot. The moral support gets tied up too.

Gallery Two: Alanya
a peaceful post-shoot shower...

New Video: Stella, Tabitha, Rei, and Autumn.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

10/23/05   Gallery One: Dresden
Hog-tied, ballet-booted, harness-gagged, content.

Gallery Two: Stella
Hot-as-hell pillory set with her royal cuteness.

A generous amount of new video: Rei, Natasha, Autumn, Jessica.

Check out our archived videos here

10/17/05   Gallery One: Tabitha
Heavy bondage or not, don't look straight into her eyes or you'll forget who's captive.

Gallery Two: Natasha
Once she's firmly roped, her shirt is pull out from underneath...

New Video: Newbie Octavia, THE Vyolet clip, and Jessica utterly helpless.

10/9/05   Gallery One: Rei
Helps me with a chair-tie.

Gallery Two: Kandi and Ally
Her first bondage shoot...

New Video: Three brilliant clips of Jessica tied thoroughly, Vyolet warming up, and Octavia.

Check out our archived videos HERE.

10/2/05   Gallery One: Jess
Wakes up, and every joint that matters is restrained.

Gallery Two: Autumn
You may remember her as a redhead from our archives... and you may want to join right now.

New Video: Autumn wondering why she did a shoot with us again, Ivy and Natasha in our popular bed restraints, Octavia's first time.

Extra videos released this week, seven new clips! Ivy in a compromising bed tie, Mia punished by a gag, sleep-sacks, pillories... entertaining, well-shot footage
9/18/05   Gallery One: Jax
She bends over backwards to please you.

Gallery Two: Octavia
You'll like our newest girl Octavia...

New Video: Extremely generous update including Lilly not sleeping, Cleo anonymous and shy, Corrina's frustrating failure, a classic with Ivy, and Mia punished for talking.

Check out our archived videos here

9/11/05   Gallery One: Vyolet
Ignored, this bondage enthusiast reaches orgasm.

Gallery Two: Ivy
Made into a fetish object for you...

New Video: Generous update including Olivia frustrated, Lilly sleep-sacked, Cleo catsuited, and Corrina.

9/4/05   Gallery One: Natasha
Another great extended session.

Gallery Two: Mia
A great way to punish someone for talking too much...

New Video: Good stuff including Alanya, Mia, Olivia, Corrina.

8/28/05   Gallery One: Ivy
A great extended session.

Gallery Two: Cleo
Catsuited, anonynous, enthusiatic...

New Video: Alanya self-bondage, Mia nude, Olivia giggly, Natasha hopeless.

8/22/05   Gallery One: Lilly
'Tests' our sleepsack.

Gallery Two: Corrina
Another lovely escape attempt...

New Video: Alanya, Stella, Olivia, more.

Extra videos released this week: Olivia affixed to the bed, Lisa, Stella, Natasha, escape attempts, chair ties, frustration, anger...
8/7/05   Gallery One: Alanya
Some of the best self bondage footage in existence.

Gallery Two: Mia
All she wanted to do was catch a flight...

New Video: Cleo, Jessica, Stella, Ivy.

7/31/05   Gallery One: Natasha
Hog-tie escape challenge.

Gallery Two: Stella
Just can't get comfortable...

New Video: Cleo, Jessica, Lisa, Ivy.

7/24/05   Gallery One: Jessica
Beautiful girls aren't used to waiting in handcuffs.

Gallery Two: Olivia
Tied to the bed for YEARS...

New Video: Jax abandoned, Alexis' cursing, Ivy cuffs herself, Cleo.

Check out our archived videos here

7/16/05   Gallery One: Cleo
Our popular girl is chair-tied.

Gallery Two: Lisa Steel
A cute escape attempt.

New Video: Jax gets nervous, the catsuit mystery revealed, Alexis' challenging bondage.

7/10/05   Gallery One: Corrina
Still in the sleep-sack.

Gallery Two: Ivy
Newbie is cuffed, chained, gagged, and blindfolded.

New Video: Mia, Jax, catsuit girl, more of Alexis' overnight stay.

7/3/05   Gallery One: Jax
Great first-timer set.

Gallery Two: Mia
Mia tightly tape-bound spread-eagled.

New Video: Four great clips, pissed Mia, delicious Jax, catsuit girl, Alexis' overnight stay.

Extra videos released this week: Cleo curses (a lot), the much requested Alexis in bondage overnight!!!, more mystery catsuit action, new girl natasha, mummification, failed escape attempts.
6/19/05   Gallery One: Natasha
Our new girl's first restraint is very effective.

Gallery Two: Mystery Girl
Who is that hog-tied in that catsuit? Astoundingly cute video, as we unravel the mystery.

New Video: Magician's escapes, power play, tight mummies, video you'll remember.

6/12/05   Gallery One: Lilly
Super-effective, intense mummification.

Gallery Two: Rachel

New Video: Paula's Magician Interview, demanding Lola, Cleo REALLY pissed, Lilly protesting her mummification.

6/4/05   Gallery One: Stella
Wiggling around hog-tied while I put up the update...

Gallery Two: Paula
Comes in to interview as a Magician's Assistant... you know where this is going.

New Video: Cleo with a twist, squeaky Corrina, Lola in control, and Stella.

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