Quirky, inescapable bondage. This is a unique place. There are really pretty girls, really learning restraints. We make newbies into happy fetish objects, and when girls are invited back to play, it is because they are more than just a cute baddidle. Come explore Quality Control.

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Frequently asked questions, click on the questions to see the answers.

What do members get?

Access to photos and videos going back 15 years.

Our video is intelligent and well made, and we enjoy exploring different modes of helplessness and vulnerability with the girls. There are documentary/reality style scenes, there are genuine extended scenes, and there are storyline scenes. The common thread is, we hope, creativity. And inescapable bondage.

And yes, we offer high-quality photos incleded with almost every scene.

How do I cancel my membership?

There is an option to cancel on the CCBill Customer Support page. Or, you can find it at the bottom of the Join Page where it says "CCBill Support!". They make it subtle ;)
If you have any trouble you can always email us at admin@qualitycontrol.cc with any issue, no hassle.

How much does a membership cost?

Membership fee is US$23.95 per month.

How do I renew my membership?

Your membership will automatically renew each month with no action on your part.

What sets this site apart?

The positions and restraints you will see are far above average. Our preview section lets you see that much for yourself. But our videos are downright special. You'll see weird scenarios, tension, role-play, you'll see tied up girls telling YOU what to do, you'll see real extended bondage sessions, you'll see close-ups and real helplessness.

What's with all the white people?

There is a strong push for diversity in our local communtiy, yet the demographics for our area are over 90% caucasian. We can only work with who applies. Would it were otherwise-- and hey if you know any ethnically diverse models, send them our way!

We shoot content for our boutique websites. All the bondage should be comfortable and very well-designed. We're used to working with newbies and professionals alike.
We are full-time producers, our company has been around since 2004. We have a 5000 sq ft studio facility located in Northampton, MA.

We provide everything from wardrobe to makeup, and even transportation if necessary, and encourage you to ask questions anytime.
There is no nudity required for this position. We have a great reputation both in the fetish industry and locally.
Ask your friends or an upperclassman, we've worked with models from all the colleges in the area, and we're pretty well-known.

As always, we're happy to provide references, just ask. :)

♡ For more information or applications, shoot us an email at admin@qualitycontrol.cc. Tell us a little about yourself and send along some selfies and/or some links to your social media! ♡


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QC Studio

36 Old Stage Road

West Hatfield, MA 01088


phone: (508) 340-7576

Hours of Operation: Sunday through Tuesday 10am-5pm


Our beautiful Models ;-)


Due to security concerns, we have a 5GB/daily cap on video downloads.
If you feel you've been wrongly locked out, email admin@qualitycontrol.cc